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Keep reusable straws hygienic

July 26, 2020

Meeting hygiene expectations is absolutely key when implementing any type of reusable alternative to single use plastics.

Follow our top tips for keeping straws clean and sanitised:

  • Collect reusable straws quickly once they have been used, particularly if they are used in smoothies, as milk or fruits can dry onto the inside.
  • Soak for a few minutes in hot soapy water to dislodge any organic material that might be inside the straw before cleaning by hand with the straw cleaner provided. Rinse well and leave to dry thoroughly in a drainer rack.
  • Consider installing a sanitising unit, similar to those used for a baby’s bottle. Utilise the unit on the bar in view of customers to visually demonstrate that straws are sanitised.
  • Invest in a small ultra sound counter top bath. The ultra sound waves dislodge any organic material inside the straw and they can then be cleaned using either of the two methods above.
  • Where possible, after cleaning the inside thoroughly, straws can be placed into the dishwasher with other cutlery items such as knives, forks and spoons. If you use bamboo straws you should check if they are dishwasher safe.
  • If you wish to use a sanitising product to clean straws, ensure it meets the standards required for food and beverage outlets.
  • Feel confident to tell your customers that straws are thoroughly washed and sanitised.
  • Store in a dry container.
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Jo Hendrickx
Jo Hendrickx
Jo is a sustainability professional living in Gran Canaria with over 20 years of experience in the global tourism industry. She has worked extensively with hotels and accommodation providers around the world since 2001 helping managers to navigate the health, safety, quality and sustainability expectations of tour operators. Increasingly concerned with the impacts of unnecessary plastics, Jo was motivated to create Travel Without Plastic to support those hotels that want to make a difference.
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