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Making it easier for hotels to make sustainable choices

We know from working with hotels, travel companies and hospitality businesses that it can be extremely confusing to find alternatives to single-use plastic that truly are more sustainable than the products you want to replace.

EVERYTHING has an impact and not all alternatives are as green as they seem. Clever marketing terminology and ‘greenwash’ often make a product sound much better for the environment than it really is and there are many factors that will need to influence your decision.


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The Greener Guest Difference

Alternatives to single-use plastics are booming. This is great because it is leading to some fantastically innovative products coming on to the market, that we can make sure you know about and potentially use in your business.

Greener Guest curates product descriptions and content so that you have as much information as possible to make the right decisions when looking for alternatives for your business, including:

Most importantly of all and before you buy anything, we strongly encourage to first think about how you can change practices and customer expectations, to reduce the amount of products you need.

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