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Why Go Greener

The world is waking up to the environmental problems that human activities are causing. Consumers increasingly want to see businesses taking meaningful steps to be greener. 

Often, many of the energy and water saving activities take place behind the scenes and they aren’t immediately obvious to your guests and can be difficult to communicate.  The opportunity linked to single-use plastic reduction is also a great visible indicator of your company’s ethics.

With social and environmental concerns high on the agenda worldwide, there has never been a greater need to reassess the products used throughout your business. Making more sustainable choices will help your business to tread more lightly on the planet and highlight this commitment to your staff and guests.

When you take truly sustainable action in your business, the benefits can be significant:

Save Money

Single-use plastic has long been a cheap and convenient way to meet the health and safety challenges linked to hospitality, but customer sentiment and expectations are changing – particularly where they see plastics used in a way they consider wasteful and unnecessary.

As with other environmental initiatives such as energy saving, water efficiency and cutting food waste, reducing single-use plastics can save your business money. Many plastic items can be completely eliminated from operations with no adverse impact on the guest experience.

Investment in systems like water filtration may require additional investment, but the return can be as little as 18 months and you will see immediate monthly savings if you take a monthly rental plan. 

Innovative plastic free and chemical free cleaning solutions such as Tersano are saving hotels up to 80% in comparison to traditional cleaning products. 

Investing in sustainable technologies not only makes financial sense, if you implement good communications to promote them you can very quickly improve enhance your reputation as a business that reflects the values of its customers.

Whether you go greener to future-proof your business, or because you and your team are passionate about the planet, Greener Guest will help you to reduce single-use plastics and source more sustainable products.

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